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It was lovely to meet you all yesterday - I enjoyed singing, playing guitar and talking to you. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Hi I'm Jaxx Chairperson of Wansbeck Disability Forum, found your site interesting and informative. If we can be of help please contact. wansbeckdisabilityforum@gmail.com
Thank you for a most helpful web site.
was nice to meet you today at the north east volunteer conference, i do hope we can sort a north east group meeting, for all north east stroke groups
It is good to see from your website that you guys carry on in an active way after suffering from a stroke. This I found difficult to do 12 years ago but with a little effort I am now back to a pretty normal lifestyle.(Not quite 100%)
Keep up the good work and reap the reward

I love the photos, it seems you have fun at your meetings, i will pass on the appeal information and see what i come up with. If you think of anything the forum can help you with, please contact us.
I hope to meet up with you both again soon, with all best wishes, take care.

Hello again, just keeping up to date with your great website and trying again to leave my congratulations.
Best Wishes
Hi Great website but leaving a message in your signing in book is impossible; It never works with the code word. Have you never heard of Aphasia?
website 10 out of 10

Reply by Admins:- Sorry about that, there is a button to allow you to refresh the code words ntil something legible appears , or if you press the little speaker icon you can listen to a series of numbers for you to enter. We'll try to get a better version of the sign on process, but you'll appreciate that this is to stop access by "Spambots" etc.

Finally, if these don't work for you, send an email to admin@strokesense.org.uk and we'll enter the comments ourselves for you.
Well done Strokesense, I like what you have achieved to date. The information is clear and the gallery shares your experiences.

Keep up the good work.

Stroke North.